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Why “creative” job titles won’t lead to a better career path


Digital Marketing Magician.

Senior Road Warrior Marketing Intern

Mobile Sensei

Digital Overlord

Wizard of Light Bulb Moments

Dream Alchemist

LI profile

We’re all seen these types of job titles on LinkedIn, right? And, most of the people I know would scoff at these.

Yet, they seem to be popping up in increasing numbers lately.


Maybe because they allow people to personalize their resumes a bit more.

Maybe because they allow people to be a bit more creative.

Maybe because they allow people to show a little personality in their LinkedIn profiles.

Except here’s the thing: They’re not going to do a darn thing for your career.

Why? Because the people doing the hiring (read: those over 35/40 years old) don’t find them creative, interesting or even a bit humorous.

They think they’re ridiculous.

Now, I’m not going to speak for all hiring managers (even though I guess maybe I just did), but I would think most senior-level managers who hire a “digital marketing magicians” would find that job title just a bit far-fetched and over-the-top.

You know what senior-level business leaders are really looking for when they hire junior to mid-level talent?

People who know how to get crap done.

People who know how to work as part of a team–but also take initiative.

And, bottom line: People who deliver results. Time and time again.

That’s what’s going to catch their eye–not a creative job title.

So, instead of working hours on end coming up with a creative and fun job title, why not put that time into focusing on the more important area of your resume: The results.

Managers typically like to see the following in a junior-level resume:

  • Leads driven by your most recent digital marketing campaign.
  • Number of impressions and engagements generated by your most recent social media campaign.
  • Or, what about references from people you’ve worked for–or with–in the past?

That’s the kind of thing managers are going to look for in a resume. Not a fancy job title.

So, the next time you’re updating your resume and you’re thinking of adding a creative job title, don’t.

Resist the urge. Instead, focus on that time on the items within your resume your future manager WILL be paying attention to.

Believe me, you’ll thank me later.

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