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What’s the best app for linking your Pinterest page to your Facebook page?


As more companies climb atop the Pinterest bandwagon and starting pinning and sharing photos on the popular social network, many are also looking for ways to connect their Pinterest page and content to the biggest social network they are active on: Facebook.

What are the options?

There seem to be a few that most brands are gravitating toward. Take a peek at the options I’ve discovered below:


Pinvolve is the relative newcomer to this category. But it may also be the most interesting of the three. Just look how Sports Illustrated is using it above. It features the individual pins instead of the boards–but it also gives you the opportunity to follow SI right on the Facebook app (and they’re using it as a warehouse for all images on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, too).

The only downside I can see to Pinvolve so far is that there aren’t a lot of larger brands using it so far. After browsing through the company’s Facebook page, it looks like a lot of smaller companies are adopting it. Not necessarily a bad thing–but the founders have also said Pinvolve is more of a “side project”–which would make me a little nervous if I were a brand using this, due to the legitimacy of the tool (read: Will it be around in a year?).



Where very few big brands were using Pinvolve, seemingly all the big brands are using Woobox. Besides Etsy shown here, Whole Foods, Starbucks and West Elm were among the others using the tool. Woobox seems to merely replicate your Pinterest page–laying out your boards, just like they are on Pinterest.

Nothing fancy here, but it looks professional and similar to the Pinterest experience (which is why I’m guessing these larger brands like it). One click takes you to the Pinterest page/board. Pretty easy and simple. Woobox is also a Facebook Preferred Marketing Vendor–so that gives it a ton of clout with brands, I’m guessing. They also develop a series of other custom apps for Facebook so many agencies and brands are familiar with the tool.



Tabfusion seems to be a bit more Pinvolve than Woobox, with a very simple layout. Except Tabfusion showcases the pins themselves–not the boards (like Woobox). Other than that, not a lot to call out here. Again, couldn’t find a ton of bigger brands using TabFusion–most seemed to be using Woobox. But, unlike Woobox, Tabfusion is also an app designed to create ANY app on Facebook–not just around Pinterest. So, most brands using the tool are using it for all sorts of apps–not just apps relating to Pinterest.

So, which app sounds best to you for baking Pinterest into your Facebook page experience? Did I miss one in the list?




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