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The most popular Communications Conversations posts of 2013


As I reflect back on 2013, one thing I now love to do (thanks to Adam Singer–I’m stealing his idea) is look back at my Google Analytics and sift through the most-read posts of the year.

But, I’m going to take it one step further and give you some insight and “best guesses” into WHY these posts were the most well-read on my blog this past year.

Here goes:

1-Why Vine is dying on the…well…Vine

CC Vine

Writing about niche platforms always performs well. A post I wrote about an Instagram cheat sheet ranked in my top 3 posts for 13 months straight.


2-The next generation of PR pros to watch

CC 24 pros

List posts like this are always well-read–especially when you feature a younger group that 1) isn’t featured as much as the regular pros we see highlighted almost every day online, and 2) is younger and probably a bit more apt to share with friends and family.


3-So God made a PR pro

CC God

Remember that Ram Truck ad from the Super Bowl last year? This was my riff on it. Had a lot of fun with this one. There’s always one post each year like this…


4-5 ways the Sons of Anarchy live by the PRSA code of ethics

CC sons

This was my geek out moment of the year when SOA creator, Kurt Sutter, reteweeted this post. I mean Kurt-freaking-Sutter!


5-The lie of the LinkedIn endorsement

CC lie

This is one of those post ideas that everyone was thinking about but no one was yet writing about (that much, at least).


6-8 reasons Feedly will make you forget all about Google Reader

CC Feedly

Timely topic with the demise of Google Reader earlier this year. Useful content for many looking for a new Reader is my guess.


7-9 recent and current PR interns destined for greatness

CC interns

See #2 above.


8-Google Glass: Why it won’t go mainstream until 2023

CC Glass

Everyone has been fawning (and that’s putting it lightly) over Google Glass all year. So, I decided to write a post talking about why I think the tech is still a ways off (personally, I’m not the biggest fan). Those counter-intuitive posts usually perform quite well.


9-What do the best corporate blogs do well

CC blogs

Another thing lots of people like to see: case study posts or examples of brands “like us” doing things well. Just setting the table here…


10-The one reason brands should start using Instagram (and it’s not what you think)


This one’s all about the headline, in my view. Sometimes I can actually write a decent headline. Not often, but sometimes 😉



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