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The hidden risk of social media marketing: Managing old Facebook admins


For years, we heard brands throw up barriers around why they didn’t want to participate in social media marketing.

One of the biggest reasons? Managing risk.

While that barrier has largely eroded, one hidden risk continues. And it’s one I don’t hear a whole lot of people talking about.

The risk of the lingering Facebook admin.

FB admin

Consider this situation. Agency X does work for client A. Some of that work involved managing and posting content to Client A’s Facebook page.

Agency X does the work–does it well. But, inevitably, the project comes to a close. Results are reported. Final post made. Agency and client partners thank each other profusely. And finally, part ways. Life goes on.

Except for one thing: The account executive who was working on that account still has Facebook admin rights to client A’s account.


It doesn’t happen all the time–many agency partners I’m sure are buttoned-up on this kinda thing. But, I bet there’s a WHOLE LOT of other agencies that are not.

And that’s a problem folks.

Especially for larger, publicly-traded companies who have much to risk (not that smaller companies don’t have much to risk, but there’s a whole ‘nother level with publicly-traded companies).

Consider another scenario:

Agency Y and Client B work on a project together that involves Facebook marketing. Client B gives account executive “Tom” access to its Facebook page as part of the project.

“Tom” posts status updates and photos as part of the project.

Two weeks later, “Tom” is let go from Agency Y for performance issues. But “Tom” retains access to the Facebook page.

“Tom” is not happy. He’s so unhappy with his former employer (agency Y), he vows to “get back” at the agency by sabotaging client accounts. He knows he still has access to Client B’s Facebook page, so he posts harmful and profane posts to the page. Chaos ensues until Client B and Agency Y realize what’s happening and revoke “Tom’s” Facebook admin access.

Seems far-fetched, but it could happen.

It IS a risk.And a very real one for companies across the board as talent in our industry comes and goes quickly between agency partners.

My advice: Make the Facebook admin part of the process when closing an account. Your client will thank you. You’ll feel better. And risk is “mitigated” (just had to get that corporate buzzword in there 😉

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