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Millennials: Are you sure you want that corner office job?


One thing that’s undeniable about millennials: They’re a ferocious bunch. You will be hard-pressed to meet a millennial in this industry who isn’t angling for that corner office job at the tender age of 25.

Corner Office

They know what they want–and they work hard to get there.

And I applaude that. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a big dream and working like hell to chase it. In fact, that’s a mindset I hope to instill in my children. Dream it. Do it.

But here’s the thing, millennials: Be careful what you wish for.

That corner office job? That comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

Ever think about exactly what that corner office job entails? What it requires of you? What it will mean for your life?

I think many folks, including those outside the millennial generation, think of that CMO or senior vice president job they want so badly and they think of the positives.

The bigger salary.

The credibility and respect they’ll get.

The power they’ll have.

But, rarely do people discuss and think about the drawbacks.

Let’s count them:

* The long, long hours. Unforgiving hours.

* The relentless pressure from management and senior executives to perform.

* The days in back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back meetings (but still having work to do at your desk).

* The loneliness of no longer having as many (if any) peers.

* The toll the job may take on your family or personal life.

* The fact that you are usually the first one in the office each morning and the last one to leave.

* The fact that happy hour is a thing of the past.

* The fact that you will eat lunch at your desk for the rest of eternity (IF you eat lunch).

* Those pilates classes you hit over the lunch hour–yeah, those are history, my friend.

* And, politics–oh, the politics.

I don’t say this to scare you off. Only to paint a realistic picture of these senior-level jobs–because I don’t think many other folks are doing this. They only paint the rosy picture of what these jobs look like–they don’t talk about the dark sides.

Still want that corner office dream job?



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