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Likable content: How to create social media content that gets clicks


Last night, I presented to a room full of aspiring community managers at a unique training program based here in the Twin Cities sponsored and run by a small agency named The Social Lights. The agency is run by two, young recent University of St. Thomas grads–Martha McCarthy and Emily Pritchard (more on this in a later post). But the training these community managers are receiving is incredible (mostly because our post-graduate schools aren’t teaching students this kind of stuff right now–skills employers are definitely looking for).

The speaker list for this training is an impressive array of agency leaders and senior leaders in the Twin Cities digital marketing arena including folks like Lee Odden, Mary Meehan, Betsey Kershaw and David Krejci. I’m still not sure why these young ladies even asked me to be involved with a list like this.

But they did. So, I took the opportunity to talk about a topic I’ve spent a lot of time on with clients over the years: Content. Not just content: Social content.

The deck below, obviously, doesn’t do justice to the presentation. Each tip was accompanied by a personal story and/or example around why I believe it works so well. But, I thought I’d share the presentation with you nonetheless.




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