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Is blogger outreach becoming a “spray-and-pray” tactic?


Exhibit A: A pitch I received from a rather large (but shall remain unnamed) advertising agency last week. Keep in mind, last time I checked, I was not a mommy blogger, but in fact a blogger who writes about PR/marketing/social media. Oh, I’m not a food blogger either. But nevermind those minute details–let’s blast the bloggers!!!!

I’ve received far too many pitches like this to keep ignoring them. And if I’m fed up, I can only imagine what lifestyle and ‘mommy’ bloggers feel like who get pitched many more times a day than I do.

This is just lazy pitching. Pure and simple. And it’s RAMPANT in our industry. Let’s not kid ourselves. We’re not doing our jobs near well enough. And it needs to stop.

What can we do? A few simple things.

First, be realistic about what you can promise your client/organization. Blogger outreach is not easy. It’s time intensive. And there are few promises you can make. Sound familiar media relations folks?

Second, read the blogs you’re pitching. I’m begging you. If this person would have taken just take FIVE MINUTES to read my blog they would have realized I’m not a mommy blogger and I have no interest in blogging about your client’s food product. Please don’t be lazy. Please put forth effort. Someone is paying you good money to do this.

Finally, customize your pitches. After you spend five minutes reading the blog (and believe me, you can learn A LOT about a blogger, if you know where to look, in five minutes), write a pitch that’s is just for them. Include personal details. Mention a recent post. Whatever. It’s really not that hard, and I promise it’ll take less than 15 minutes.

So,are we all set? If we all take these simple steps, this garbage will stop. Eventually. For now, I guess I’ll have to live with the kind of crap pitches you see below.


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