Delicious is dead. Now what?


By now, you’ve probably heard the unfortunate news. Yahoo is sunsetting Delicious (and a few other platforms).

Folks are upset (or maybe disappointed is a better word). I’m one of them. I’ve come to rely on Delicious as my primary bookmarking system (not so much on the social side). And now I’m left looking for alternatives.

I’ve heard the chatter online yesterday and this morning, done a little digging and wanted to share some of the posts I thought highlighted the best options (as well as the process of downloading and migrating your existing Delicious bookmarks). Not sure what direction I’m going to go yet, but I’ll be weighing my options over the weekend:

The options

The best services for migrating your Delicious bookmarks (Lifehacker)

* The 5 best alternatives to Delicious (The Next Web)

* 10 alternatives to Delicious social bookmarking (Search Engine Land)

* Think about migrating to Evernote? Great post here from the Evernote blog about how to go about making that transition (Evernote Noteworthy Blog)

Pros/Cons of each tool

* FANTASTIC Google Doc with a list of Delicious alternatives as well as pros and cons of eac

How to download/migrate your Delicious bookmarks

* How to save your Delicious bookmarks (Tech Cocktail)

* How to export and move your Delicious bookmarks to Google Bookmarks (Tableters)



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