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8 social media Slideshare presentations to bookmark now


Slideshare. It’s one of the more underulitized content tools on the Web today. But, it’s also one of the best resources in terms of pure content. Go search Slideshare sometime for a particular topic–it’s full of decks from great minds across the world.

So, I thought I’d curate some of the better Slideshare presentations when it comes to digital marketing in the last year or so. After sifting through my bookmarks and Slideshare, here are seven decks I’d consider bookmarking yourself ASAP.

Really nice deck from Heather Whaling that gets to the heart of blogger outreach and what you need to do to succeed.



Even though I didn’t catch the presentation at BlogWorld this year, this deck sums it up nicely.

Great mix of stats and tips for Facebook marketers from two folks from two of the bigger players in the online game.

Love this presentation from Shel because it’s a topic that I believe in strongly as well. As communicators and marketers, we all have a huge opportunity in the next few years to work with companies to better understand this concept and what it means for business performance going forward.

Need to get up-to-speed on content strategy? Great deck here from the folks at Brain Traffic (right in my backyard). A ton of slides, but worth a view.

One of the better community management decks I’ve seen because it focuses squarely on takeaways and lessons you can apply to your day-to-day work.

Although the ROI discussion is wearing thin these days, this is a solid deck that talks about the business side of the equation, and gives you a step-by-step guide on how to do it for your company.

I quoted this post liberally in my social media stats post earlier this week—just a wealth of great data here you can use for quite a while.



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