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4 ways I’d sell this year’s MIMA Summit to my boss (if I had to)


OK, so I’m going to write this post like I would if I were trying to sell my boss on sending me to MIMA Summit. Because, realistically, that’s what I hear a lot.

Full disclosure: I’m on the MIMA board of directors, so it’s in my best interest to get as many people to Summit as possible 😉 But, in reality, this has been a great event historically and I think many people in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area would agree with that sentiment. In fact, I’ve heard from many people that Summit is the best digital event in the Upper Midwest.

MIMA Summit

Back to the sell job–because I want you to go! Here are four I would sell my boss (if I had one) on this year’s MIMA Summit:

I will expand my knowledge base

This year, you’ll learn about wearable technology, marketing automation, design, paid media strategies and much more. As usual, there’s almost something for everyone at Summit. And, this year’s theme (internet of things) is a topic on everyone’s mind these days. And while the keynote speakers might not be household names like Guy Kawasaki, they’re absolutely leaders in the internet of things sector. Here’s your chance to really beef up your understanding of that space.

I will hear from national speakers–for a reasonable price

Maybe one of the biggest reasons I got more involved with MIMA is they were one of the few organizations in town bringing in national, well-known speakers on a regular basis. Chris Anderson, Jane McGonigal, Nate Silver for example. I mean, the list goes on and on. In fact, this Wednesday we’re bringing a leading developer from Sony Playstation to town. MIMA may be one of the only orgs in the Twin Cities that’s doing this routinely–and you’re going to see it in spades at MIMA Summit.

I will have the opportunity to nurture–or start–our recruiting efforts

There’s a reason the recruiting firms in town are some of our sponsors at Summit. Smart firms/leaders know that since MIMA Summit is a digital marketing reunion of sorts, that this is a great place to nurture relationships–especially if you’re seeking new talent. Now, I don’t hire talent, but I will tell you I hear about who’s looking and who’s happy a lot at Summit each year. And, keep in mind, Summit tends to attract those “over-achiever” types–you know, the types who are going to be senior VPs in 7-10 years? Yeah, you’ll find those people at Summit typically.

I will hangout with my colleagues (and get smarter by association)

I was involved with PRSA for years. And, as part of that involvement, my favorite event of every year (and really, still is) was the PRSA Classics. For those outside the Twin Cities, this is our version of the Silver Anvils. But, it’s really much more than that. It’s a PR reunion, of sorts. I see people at Classics each year that I don’t see all year long. It’s my one chance to catch up with them. And I take full advantage. It’s really the primary reason I still attend–especially now, when, as an independent, I would never really submit an entry. MIMA Summit is the same way. It’s the Minnesota interactive community reunion. Your chance to see EVERYONE in one spot for one day.

So, hope that helps you sell your boss. I know it’s an investment, but I believe it’s worth it. And, I think after really evaluating your options, I believe you will, too.

For now, I hope you’ll consider attending. Register today and you’ll get in for just $500 for members and $650 for non-members (after today it bumps up to $600 for members; $700 for non-members). When you think about what you get–a full day of rock solid content, learning and networking–I think that’s a heckuva deal (and I’d say that even if I wasn’t attending as a board member).

Hope to see you there…



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