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4 social media e-newsletters that should be in your inbox


I don’t know about you, but my inbox if FLOODED each day with emails from clients, partners, friends and yes, people trying to market their services or wares to me. Sure, I signed up for a lot of these e-newsletters at some point. But, by and large, I ignore the bulk of them–or at the very least, I’m scanning for headlines. I know I should just unsubscribe, but part of me still likes to actually receive the email–even though I routinely delete them after a simple scan.

However, there are four industry (social/digital marketing)-related enewsletters that I actually open AND read almost every day. I find these four so valuable, I’d recommend subscribing RIGHT NOW. Go ahead, click below and hook yourself up. These folks aren’t paying me a dime. Their content is so good–I don’t mind promoting them at all.

So, here you have it. Enjoy.

PR Daily

Sure, it might not be social-specific, but the Daily’s rundown of posts is always a must-read for me (and yes, my posts show up in this feed from time to time–I would still read it even if they didn’t). It’s more focused on PR-specific content, but there’s also a nice mix of social items. Bonus: They also post related PR industry jobs on a regular basis.


Sarah Evans’ daily e-newsletter “Commentz” has always been one of my favorites. She always seems to capture just the right balance of newsy stories, and industry-based posts. And, oftentimes, great posts about new tools that might still be in beta. Great email to scan quickly in the morning and bookmark posts for consumption later.

Christopher Penn–Almost Timely

Sure, it might take you a while to get through Penn’s e-newsletter, Almost Timely, but believe me, it’s worth it. This e-newsletter can get pretty geeky, but it’s information worth digging into. From metrics content (some of his best stuff) to general digital/social content, I almost always scan this one.

Social Fresh

Another e-newsletter where my stuff shows up from time to time. But again, like PR Daily, I’d still read it if it didn’t. I love what Jason Keath has done with his email marketing–and his Social Fresh e-newsletter is one of my must-reads. Just look at the recent Facebook Advertising Report he put together for an indication of why I subscribe.



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