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11 great opportunities thanks to 22 people in 2015


I’m going to take a moment today to talk about me. I don’t do it very often, but I’ll admit: I’m writing this post more for me, than you. Sorry.

Check that. I’m really writing this post for 32 people who helped me along in one way, shape or form in 2015.

Some helped me by hiring me.

Some helped me by referring me.

Some helped me by asking me to speak.

And some helped by simply being fantastic.

As I look back, I had a slew of wonderful opportunities. And they couldn’t have happened without the following wonderful people.


Opportunity: Started working with HealthFitness.

Who’s to thank: Andy Jacobson

Been working with Andy and HealthFitness since the spring. Couldn’t ask for a better partner. And, it seems we share an affinity for shows like Sons of Anarchy and The Wire, which doesn’t hurt. Oh, and he’s also a blogger–you can read his stuff here.

Opportunity: Started working with Andersen Windows & Doors

Who’s to thank: Susan Roeder, Angela Swenson and Becky Dvorak

I’ve had a great time getting to know these three women–and the Andersen Windows & Doors organization. Looking forward to what lies ahead in 2016!

Opportunity: Speaking at the third-annual Solo PR Pro Summit

Who’s to thank: Kellye Crane

Sure, it was different from the first two #SoloPRPro Summits in Atlanta. But, Orlando was just fine with me. Hoping to get together with this group again in the coming year.

Opportunity: Working on a fantastic local influencer event with the Minnesota Pork Board.

Who’s to thank: My partners at Broadhead (primarily Kiersten Schroeder, Ryan Roddy, Sarah Friedl and Val Kesterson)

Helping lead this event may have been the highlight of my year. Just a ton of fun. And, it probably never happens if Natalie Hoover doesn’t call me last winter (while she was at Broadhead–she’s now over at Weber Shandwick).

Opportunity: Working on another great influencer event with the Greater Twin Cities United Way.

Who’s to thank: Katie Mangan and Katie Ladas

Another new client this fall. And another successful influencer campaign. Loved working with Katie and Katie.

Opportunity: Starting the new MIMA Meet-Up series.

Who’s to thank: My MIMA board compadres (specifically, Nick Lipetzky and Jamie Plesser)

Earlier this year, we started a new MIMA Meet-Up series. The idea? To give members the opportunity to network and learn in a more intimate setting. Four Meet-Ups in, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes in 2016.

Opportunity: Working with top corporate communicators as part of our local Mastermind Group.

Who’s to thank: I’m not going to name these folks, because I’m not sure they want this information to be public. But, you know who you are. And I really appreciate you.

Started this group earlier in 2015, and I couldn’t be happier (and more lucky) with how things have turned out. What a tremendous group of incredibly smart people Just proud to call them all friends.

Opportunity: Help organize a Mass Comm reunion for Winona State University

Who’s to thank: Ann McDonald, Heather Kosik and the Winona State Alumni board

Was lucky enough to become more involved with my alma mater a couple years ago. This year, I helped organize the first-ever (to my knowledge) Mass Communications Department reunion at Indeed Brewing. It was a blast reconnecting with so many former Warriors.

Opportunity: Recorded 50th Talking Points Podcast with Kevin Hunt

Who’s to thank: Kevin Hunt, listeners

Every other week, I get the chance to talk corporate communications and social media with my friend, Kevin Hunt. We started the Talking Points Podcast without a grand plan. Actually pretty proud that we just recently recorded our 50th episode.

Opportunity: Helped Sleep Number with its Employer Brand-social media work

Who’s to thank: Kellie Weiland

Unique opportunity. Great client. Awesome work. So thankful for all my Sleep Number friends–but none more so than Ms. Weiland this year.

Opportunity: Helped lead the first-ever Solo PR Annual Planning Retreat

Who’s to thank: Amy Nugent, Candee Wolf, Michelle Schuermann, Maria Reitan and Ellen Vander Linden

Hoping this becomes an annual event. Our Solo PR group has now swelled to almost 20 full-time solo counselors. Such a great group of people.



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