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My 10 PR dream jobs


Dream jobs. Everyone has them. For some, that might mean serving as the press secretary at The White House. For others, it might be a communications director position with a favorite non-profit. Whatever the case, most of us have a few jobs we’d label as “dream jobs” that we tuck away and bring out only for conversations when we talk about our most idealistic scenarios.

But if you think about it, why can’t you have your dream job? People land their dream jobs every day–why not you?

Take me, for example. You could say my current job is a “dream job” of sorts. I work with a variety of different clients, across industries. A number of which, I never thought I’d never have the opportunity to work with. I set my own hours. Create my own schedule (which frequently involves working evenings, weekends and yes, even on vacations). I work with a number of wonderful partners. And, the best part? I wake up every day dying to get started. Sounds like a dream job to me.

But, what if I were to do something different? If I were to start looking for a new job, I’d probably start here (remember, these are dream jobs, so I’ve thrown geography out the window):

PGA TOUR. So, I don’t play golf as much as I used to. That doesn’t mean the passion has dried up. I’ve long felt this was my one true dream job. I had the opportunity to work with the PGA of America in a previous life–that’s about as close as I’ve got.

* Bells Brewery. The chance to work for Larry Bell AND work for one of my favorite breweries on the planet? Yes, please.

* Kansas Jayhawks Athletic Department. Little known fact: I attended KU for one year (my sophomore year). Loved every second. I didn’t stay (long story), but I would absolutely relish the chance to go back and work for the athletic department. Plus, I’d love to live in a smaller, college town like Lawrence at some point in my life.

Pandora. Of all the online platforms I’d like to work for, Pandora jumps out immediately. I’ve been a huge fan for a couple years and would love the chance to work for a smaller, more nimble company like Pandora.

PUMA. Hello, my name is Arik Hanson and I am a PUMA addict. It’s true. I have seven pairs and counting. But, doesn’t that make me a perfect candidate for this kind of role? A super-fan with the skills necessary to work in the PR or marketing group?

* Caribou Coffee. I’ve made absolutely no bones about my want to work with or for my favorite local coffee chain. In fact, I’ve given them free advice in the past. Let’s just formalize this arrangement already 🙂

* Bryant-Lake Bowl. From my favorite local coffee chain to my absolute favorite restaurant spot in Minneapolis. I could even see myself tending bar at BLB at some point.

* Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. Always thought it would be great to work for a golf resort–and Bandon Dunes would no doubt be on a short list in the U.S. Of course, I’ve never actually played at Bandon, so that would be something I’d probably want to do first before starting this job 🙂

* U.S. Virgin Islands Office of Tourism. My favorite vacation spot on earth (and hopefully a retirement destination), the USVI actually seems to be on top of things from a digital standpoint. Still, I’d love the opportunity to help.

* San Francisco Giants. I’m not renouncing my Twins fandom–not by any stretch (we’re on the verge of a World Series title if Mr. Morneau can get back on the field, after all). I simply have a huge crush on San Francisco after visiting for the first time last year And, given the sweeping views at AT&T Park, I thought that might not be a bad place to hang out every day. Oh, and working for a world champion baseball club wouldn’t be too bad either.

What about you? What organizations are on your dream job list?



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