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Why I’m (hopefully) growing a mo this Movember


For most, involvement in campaigns like Movember is highly personal. People race and contribute to the Komen campaign because they lost a loved one to breast cancer. Others donate their time and energy to AIDS walks across the country because they know someone living with the dreaded disease.

So, when a few folks approached me about the Movember campaign (a campaign I’ve found interesting from a PR/marketing perspective in the past) I thought to myself: Why would I be involved?

I’ve been very fortunate in my life to date. I haven’t lost friends or family to prostate or other men’s-specific cancers.  So, for me, it’s not as personal as it is for some. It hasn’t hit home yet (again, fortunately).

But, that’s exactly why I AM participating.

I’m a father of two kids. For you dads out there, you know that’s an enormous responsibility. The biggest of your life–without question. So, everything I do now in life, I see through the lens of: Would this make my kids proud? More importantly, what can they learn by watching me? Because, as a parent, I continue to be shocked at what they pick up just by watching and observing.

So, I’m joining the Movember campaign ENTIRELY because of personal reasons.

I want my kids to know their father volunteers his time and energy–when he can–for causes larger than himself.

I want my kids to know I made a difference.

I want my kids to know I’m not all about me–I care about others. I care about the community around me.

I want my kids to know I’m the kind of guy that will do something for others–with no expectation of anything in return.

And, maybe most importantly (and as a result of the notes above), I want my kids to wake up each day proud that I’m their father.

Now, do I hit on all those things every day? Certainly not. But, here’s an opportunity for me to live these values. To show my kids what I’m all about. To model behavior I hope they one day will adopt.

That’s why I’m participating in Movember.

And, here’s what I’m doing.

Last week, a group of men in the Twin Cities area agreed to join me in supporting organizations that work to fight prostate cancer and other mens-related diseases (specifically, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG).

Over the next month, David Folkens, Ryan May, Ryan Maus, John Schneider, Tony Saucier, Christian Betancourt, Doug Hamlin, Joey Lomicky and Keith Negrin (and hopefully a few more folks) will be growing a mo in an effort to raise money to support the organizations mentioned above.

How can you help?

You can donate to our team (or, to me individually–I’m also on PR Cog’s team)–here’s more information.

You can share our posts, stories, photos and videos throughout the month from our Men of MN PR Mo’s blog.

And, soon you’ll be able to vote in one of the contests below:

* Man of Movember. I like to call this the “Ron Burgundy Award.” More info on how to vote coming soon.

* Most pathetic mo. I should have this one in the bag, but my friend Ryan May may give me a run for my money. Again, vote and donate as you’d like.

* And, my personal contest: Doodle-your-own-Mo. Remember how Jason Falls said he’d shave hit goat last year if he raised $1,000 in Movember? Well, I’m doing the opposite. If I can raise $500 by Nov. 30, I’ll let party-goers, friends and colleagues DRAW a mo on my face (did you miss the part about me not being able to actually grow one?) at the month-end party (see below).

Finally, please remember, we hope to host an end-of-month party at a local watering hole to recognize the winners of the contests above and celebrate the Man of Movember (more on this soon). I will have more details soon–hope you can join us. For more information throughout the month, please visit our blog at www.menofmnprmos.posterous.com.



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