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What’s the one iPhone app you can’t live without?


For the last two years, I’ve been a Droid owner. I bought the original Droid the day it came out. It was a thing of beauty–at the time. But, over time a number of things started to really bug me about the phone. The battery case kept falling apart (I wasn’t the only one with this problem). Sound quality on calls was rough. And, even as far as the Android app market has come in the last year, it still pales in comparison to the *quality* of iPhone apps.

In the meantime, we’re a full Apple family. Two MacBooks. One iMac. One iPad. And an Apple TV.

The iPhone was inevitable.

So, last week I broke down and pulled the trigger. Bought the new white version, too. And, I immediately ordered this case.

Now, all that’s left to do is learn how to use the damn thing 😉 Oh, and figure out what apps work best and fit in my work routine and lifestyle. Off the top, I know I’m going to be a heavy Posterous user with my new BadAssShoes blog (and others). I’ll probably also use Pandora a fair amount. Crackle, too. But, I was curious what other apps other people like me use.

So, I started asking PR and marketing folks like me the simple question: What’s the one iPhone app you absolutely cannot live without?

Here’s what I heard:

Sarah Evans: Hootesuite

Jennifer Schmitt: Wall Street Journal

David Murray: Evernote

Jeremy Pepper: TripIt

Jillian Froelich: Beer Cloud (I’ve always liked Jillian 🙂

Alex Tan: Pulse News

Kevin Watterson: Google Reader

Rochelle Veturis: Twitter/Yelp

Todd Defren: Yelp/IMDB (also mentioned: Angry Birds. Echofon. Flixter. Weather Channel. Kindle)

Mary Barber: Twitter (also, Grocery IQ)

Patrick Strother: MLB (also, Twitter)

Narciso Tovar: Seesmic (also, Pandora and Words with Friends)

Kate O’Reilly: Tweetbot (also, Things)

Chuck Hemann: Skype

Mark Ragan: Compass

What’s the one iPhone app YOU can’t live without?

Note: Photo courtesy of chrisphoto via FlickR Creative Commons.




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