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What’s the best Instagram reposting app?


What are the two biggest challenges for brands just starting with Instagram?

* Find compelling visuals worth sharing that aren’t overly brand-focused

* Building a community within the platform from scratch

Am I right?

Indian IG

Most brands don’t have a ton of Instagram-ready visuals just sitting around. Sure, they have catalog photography. Great brand pics. Advertising visuals. But, by and large, those aren’t the kinds of pics that usually work really well on IG.

At the same time, it’s tough to build a community from the ground up on Instagram. With paid advertising still relegated only to the big spenders, most brands are left to build organically (for now).

But wait, there’s a potential solution that gets at both these needs–and it doesn’t cost a dime (well, kinda): Reposting user posts.

Instead of coming up with your own content (all the time, at least), what about reposting your fans’ best pics that mention or feature your brand?

Why not involve your community in YOUR community as you get it started?

Doesn’t reposting fan pics get at both these key problems?

Even brands that don’t need the help sourcing visuals are using reposting apps–like Indian Motorcycles.

Indian IG


Or, brands you may have never heard about–like Starkey (an organization that produces hearing aids–disclosure: ACH Communications client):

Starkey IG

OK, so this makes sense, right? Although I’m a little perplexed as to why we haven’t seen more brands use these tools yet. Regardless, it seems to be an easy, cheap and effective way to source content and build community on IG.

The question is: What app do you use? Which one makes sense?

I thought I’d break down three of the more popular reposting apps on Instagram: Regram, Repost and InstaRepost.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all three:


First, here’s what the main Regram app looks like when you open:



If you hit “Regram” in the bottom right-hand corner, this is the screen that pops up.



After you choose a location for your watermark, you can select between reposting on Instagram (or Twitter). Hit that, and you get this screen:



After putting your final filter on the image, you’re then sent to the final IG screen before posting:




The Repost app interface is a bit different than Regram. The biggest advantage: Easier to scan.


Select a pic and you’re sent to this screen:


As you can see, you have the opportunity to reposition your watermark, just like you did with Regram. You can also make the watermark lighter or darker. Hit repost and you’re sent to this screen:


R&R (free version)

Interface of the R&R app is similar to Regram. Looks just like your Instagram feed.



Select a pic and you get the following screen:



Again, ability to reposition the watermark is there. You can also lighten or darken the watermark. Just like the other apps. His repost and you get this screen:



As you can see, the apps don’t offer a lot of different features and functionalities.

All have the ability to reposition the watermark. All seem fairly intuitive and easy to use (outside of those annoying ads on the free versions).

I’m just not sure I see a lot of differences. So, it kinda seems like a personal preference.

At any rate, I do believe the strategy of reposting IG pics from fans/customers is worth pursuing. Obviously, your legal team should be involved in that initial discussion, but after you’ve got them on board, reposting from Instagram can be an effective way to source content and build community, at the same time.




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