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What A Star is Born can teach us about creating great social media video content


I know everyone is sick to death of blog posts titled this way. Really, I am aware. However, I just couldn’t think of a better way to title this post–and I really just wanted to write about this movie today.

Because this was the best movie I’ve seen all year. Might have been the best movie I’ve seen in FIVE years. I mean, I dare you to watch this video and not tear up:

It was that good. It was that well acted (Cooper will be nominated and may win). Gaga’s voice was tremendous. The music was off-the-charts good. And even though we all knew what was coming, I loved the story (who doesn’t love a great love story?).

The reason this movie is still with me 48 hours later is the emotional connection it made with me. For the first time in a LONG time, I was completely sucked into a movie. I was locked on those characters. Sitting on their every word. Watching, transfixed, with every concert and song they performed. I mean, I was ALL IN.

And, that doesn’t happen very often at the movies. Not for me.

But this movie drew me in. How? A few different factors:

  • Music. First and foremost, the music absolutely made this movie. So many great, compelling songs. From “Black Eyes” right off the bat to the powerhouse “Shallow” to my favorite “Always Remember Us This Way” the music hit me just right. It’s my kind of music. And Gaga’s tremendous voice paired with Cooper’s surprisingly capable vocals made for the perfect mix. I got chills in the theater at least 4-5 different times due to the music.
  • Details. The acting was amazing–but what I noticed most was the smallest of details in the acting that made all the difference. Like how Cooper changed his voice to add a twist of gruffness to it–very similar to what Jeff Bridges did in Crazy Heart years ago (another fantastic movie if you have the time). Or, the scene with Cooper and Sam Elliott (his brother in the movie) where Elliott is driving Cooper home from rehab and he stalls when leaving the car, pauses, voice cracking, and tells Elliott it was him he idolized growing up–not his Dad. Elliott doesn’t miss a beat and drives away with tears in his eyes. Details made all the difference in the acting.
  • Directing. I loved the way this film was shot. From the gritty concert footage (loved the shots of Cooper playing the guitar wildly in concert) to the closeups of Cooper and Gaga, which were tremendously powerful and heated throughout the movie. The directing made a world of difference–and Cooper knocked it out of the park here, too.

Now, what do all these things have to do with social media marketing? One word: Emotion. Like I said at the outset, this movie made a strong emotional connection with me. I’m still feeling it two days later! And, judging from the comments on a Facebook post I made about this movie the day after, I’m not alone.

Social media content–specifically, video content–should be designed, in many ways, to do that very thing. Yet, we see very little of that from brands. Oh sure, every once in a while a brand like Nike will come along and blow us away with a powerful video, but for the most part, brands struggle to create true emotional connection with their customers.

What’s more, as brands get into the programming world, this will become even more important. Think about Deluxe’s Small Business Revolution. Great example of a brand getting into broadcast programming (the show is on Hulu, after all!). As brands start creating more ongoing, long-form programming, they’d be wise to think about how they create and nurture that emotional connection.

Through music. Through details. Through direction.

Three key elements to keep in mind as you develop your video content.




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