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Tweets of the Week–May 1


Over the course of a week, we see plenty of RTs and information passed along from person to person across the Twitterverse. Great blog posts, articles and other information are passed along and we all benefit from sharing.

But, every week, due to the sheer volume of tweets, we sometimes miss out on the insightful and sometimes controversial tweets that start meaningful and interesting conversations around topics in PR, marketing and social networks.

So, each week I will attempt to capture what, in my opinion, were the “tweets of the week”–hope you’ll do your part in helping me fill in what I’ve missed. Take a look below and let me know what you think. Who knows, maybe these tweets will restart new conversations with folks who may not have seen these pearls of wisdom earlier in the week:

* Just get started. Listen, be honest & transparent when responding; LEARN before moving to more complex stuff. @defren

Your users are innovators on your behalf, if you listen to them. @thomasknoll



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