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The Twitter “IT” list


For a moment, playback to last November. Life was a lot different. We just voted in a new president. Florida had not won it’s second college football national championship in three years yet. And the economy was in the tank. OK, maybe not *everything* has changed.

Life was a lot different in the world of social media, too. For those of us who live and breathe in this space, we know it operates at a whole new speed. So, I thought we’d have a little fun with this and look at some of the trends and changes we’ve witnessed in the last six months:

Social Media Rock Star

November–Chris Brogan (still a rock star, by the way–always will be)

April–Amber Naslund (too many to name, but Amber’s definitely a star of stars)
Ready to knock the door down

November–Shannon Paul (let’s face it, she’s knocked the door down, barged on through and is on to the next room already)

April–David Mullen (big things ahead for this fella–especially given his announcement yesterday)

Twitter desktop app


April–Seesmic Desktop

Overused Social media buzz-phrase

November–Web 2.0

April–Conversation (maybe I need to change the title of this blog)

Fastest growing social network


April–Twitter (1,300% growth year over year)

Social networks used for social good

November–David Armano helping a homeless mother of 3 (even though it was really in January)

Most over-hyped trend

November–Parents joining Facebook

April–Celebrities joining Twitter
Social media best practice


April–Listen, then engage

Most popular Twitter celebrity

November: Shaq

Twitter’s Sweetheart (full disclosure: Scott Hepburn’s phrase, not mine)

November: Rachel Kay (A soft spot in my heart for Rachel)

April: Lisa Hoffmann (I couldn’t resist, Lisa!)

Social Media Darlings

November: Comcast (Frank and crew are still rocking it)

April: Southwest Airlines (Gotta give huge love to my SWA friends for flying me to BlogPotomac in June!)
Social Media Phenomenon

November: HARO (still going strong)

April: Twitter chats (Journchat, blogchat, gno, smbiz, etc)
What categories would you add? What did I miss?



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