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The Talking Points Podcast: An interview with Lee Odden


I’m posting this week’s Talking Points Podcast even though I didn’t participate in in! I’m up on the North Shore with my family for a few days so my co-host Kevin Hunt took the reins.

It wasn’t the best podcast to miss either as Kevin interviews one of my favorite local bloggers, Lee Odden, owner of TopRank, author, and worldwide speaker.

In the podcast, Lee talks about repurposing content, building an effective content strategy and PR lessons from the much-discussed Ice Bucket Challenge.

I’ll be back next week–in the meantime, hope you enjoy this week’s episode with Lee.


SHOW NOTES – August 21, 2014

“How to Build A Content Marketing Strategy eBook”

“Audience Development for Content Marketing eBook”

Visual Content Marketing Strategy eBook

Lee Odden/”Optimize”

TopRank blog

“American Express’ ‘Favorited’ Tweets Triple With Artist-Created Posts Instagram ‘likes’ are also up”

“Recycle, reuse … re-publish? Publishers make what’s old new again”

“New Business Wire Survey Reveals Daily Use of Corporate Press Releases, Multimedia and Online Newsrooms by Top Media Outlets”

“Ice Bucket Challenge Donations Reach $22.9 Million to The ALS Association”

“ALS Association Donations Top $15 Million Thanks to Ice Bucket Challenge”

“The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’: A case study in viral marketing gold”

“22 People Who Should Have Definitely Not Taken The Ice Bucket Challenge”





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