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The missed opportunity of birthday marketing


News flash: It was my birthday yesterday (8/24). Don’t worry if you didn’t send me a card–I only get 3 anymore (and I love those three!).

I received the usual influx of happy birthday messages on Facebook, LinkedIn, text and email. Side note: Not one person called me on my birthday. Not one!

Anyway, I received all the requisite happy birthday messages from everyone in my life except one notable exception: brands.

I only received ONE happy birthday message from a brand–Stitchfix. And, that email was literally just a happy birthday message.

No special birthday offer.

No free gift.

No birthday code.

Nothing. Thanks for doing business with us for the last 5 years–but we’re not giving you SH*T!

Why is that? Why don’t more brands actively market to people on their birthdays?

Maybe they do, and I’m just following the wrong brands. But, I follow and buy from a lot of brands online, and like I said, I got ONE message!

This is weird, right? I mean, your birthday is possibly the single biggest day of your year–especially for younger people. The older you get, the less “important” it becomes, of course.

But, I will say, if anyone of the golf brands I buy from sent me a note with a, say, 50% off code on my birthday, I would probably use that! (are you listening LinkSoul?!?!?)

Or, another place I shop once in a while: Vinyard Vines. Why couldn’t they send me an email on my birthday with a special message and a one-day “free Vinyard Vines hat with purchase of $50 or more”? I might do that!

Or, what about Golf Galaxy? Couldn’t they use their purchase history data to see that I haven’t bought golf balls in a month? I could probably use some new ones! Why not send me a happy birthday message with a couple for a FREE box of balls? Wouldn’t that build some serious brand loyalty?

Birthdays are such emotionally charged days, I don’t know why more brands aren’t marketing to us as we blow out our candles? I know not every brand collects that data on their customers, but I’ve certainly filled out enough online forms to know MANY retailers and companies have that data on me.

Why not use it?

You missed a big opportunity with this consumer yesterday.



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