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The Facebook “creator” dilemma


FBlogoChances are we all know at least one person who’s in charge of managing a brand’s Facebook fan page. Heck, many of us probably even own this responsibility ourselves. But, what happens when we/they take a different job in two years?

I’ll tell you what happens. The brand will find itself in a tough spot.

Why? Because, as it stands now, Facebook’s “creator” role cannot be transferred. At least not without a series of calls/emails to Facebook asking to make the change. That’s right, if you are set as the “creator” in Facebook and you leave the organization you’re representing, it seems like it’s pretty darn difficult to transfer or remove the coveted “creator” tag.

Probably not a huge deal as many folks who move from company to company won’t look to sabotage your brand fan page (and you probably also have a few admins who can access the site), but ultimately, you still want “control” of your page. It’s a risk management issue for companies.

Ownership of social networks needs to be flexible. Pliable. Transferable. With many tools this isn’t a problem. But, in this case, Facebook has a problem. And, I think we’re all going to hear a lot more about this issue in the months/year ahead.

Keep in mind, I’m not the only one voicing this concern. Many people have risen this issue with Facebook–right on their site. And while I’m not really complaining, per se (more raising the issue), I do think this this is a serious issue. And one Facebook would be wise to address ASAP.

Have you run into this issue yet? Is there an effective “workaround”? If not, please join me in helping raise this issue to Facebook, on behalf the clients we represent or work for, in hopes they will institute a solution soon.



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