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The 7 most intriguing people in PR in 2010


People has its list. Now I have mine. In all seriousness, if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know I’m big on lists. And, as we enter another new year, I thought we could have a little fun today and focus on seven people who, in my opinion, have an interesting year ahead of themselves in 2010–for many different reasons:

DavidArmanoDavid Armano. Why is he intriguing? While David had an extremely adventurous and interesting 2009, I tend to think 2010 will be just–if not more–intriguing. Having just joined digital juggernaut, Edelman, David will be a part of one of the most respected, and high-powered, social teams in the country. I expect we may see big things from Mr. Armano in 2010.

AdamSingerAdam Singer. Why is he intriguing? Did you just read his post about Mashable? Tells you all you need to know about the guy. One of the smarter, young PR/digital pros in Minneapolis, Adam has been making quite a name for himself blogging at the Future Buzz and working with Lee Odden over at Top Rank Marketing. In my mind, Adam represents much of what the PR pro of the future will look like. Sharp digital skills, a strategic mindset and a creative problem solver.

spinksDavid Spinks. Why is he intriguing? Graduated from college. Started his first blog. Scored his first full-time job (as community manager at Scribnia). Co-hosts the successful #u30pro chat. This all happened for David in 2009. Boy, I can’t wait to see what he does in his second full-time year in the workforce. David is constantly taking risks, challenging the status quo and considering alternative approaches. The guy’s done more in one year than I did in my first five out of school. Can’t wait to see where 2010 takes him.

AdamKmiecAdam Kmiec. Why is he intriguing? Anyone who openly questions Chris Brogan gets my attention. Only because it so rarely happens and Mr. Brogan is such a beloved–and widely respected–figure online. To me, Adam’s actually much more intriguing for his creative thoughts and curiousity. In fact, he had one of the more interesting prediction-type posts last week. We need more Adam Kmiec’s around.

brandbuilderOlivier Blanchard. Why is he intriguing? Another guy who’s not afraid to challenge conventional thought. Over the last year, he’s sparked all sorts of controversial and thought-provoking conversation on his blog–and others. And now, he’s off creating worldwide summits and think tanks. To be honest, I’ve been intrigued by Olivier since the day I started following him and his blog. Can’t wait to see what’s next for him in the year ahead.

LenKendallLen Kendall. Why is he intriguing? Len’s one of those guys who doesn’t fit into a nice, neat bucket. He’s not really a traditional PR pro (even though he works for GolinHarris, a widely respected integrated communications agency). He’s not really an interactive guy either. He’s a hybrid of sorts. And, much like Adam Singer above, I think Len represents the future. And lately, his blog has started to pull me in more and more (have you seen his post on using Posterous for PR?). Len’s also started (along with Daniel Honigman) a new project dubbed the “3six5 project” where a different person will guest post each day. Kind of a 365 running diary. Intrigued?

ShelShel Holtz. Why is he intriguing? Along with Neville Hobson, Shel Holtz just celebrated the fifth year of For Immediate Release. FIVE YEARS! That’s longer than some of us have been on Gmail (don’t look at me). He also started “Stop Blocking”, a site devoted to convincing organizations to unblock social sites in the workplace (yeoman’s work). And, in a space littered with milennials, Yers and Xers, Shel’s one of a handful of boomers consistently pushing the envelope while applying his 30-plus years of experience in corporate communications. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Shel a couple times in the last year and I’m looking forward to Shel’s ideas and thoughts in 2010.

Who intrigues you in 2010?



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