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Talking Points Podcast: Digital will account for 75% of marketing budgets in 5 years


Talking Pts Podcast

In this week’s edition of the Talking Points Podcast,General Mills’ Kevin Hunt and I discuss:

* Recent Accenture survey highlights CMO’s thoughts’ on the future of digital marketing–including the stat that 35% of CMOs believe mobile will account for 50% of their marketing budgets in five years. Full story here:


* Every Company Is A Media Company – Here’s What’s Missing: Service. Is it time companies move past being publishers and think about providing value in different ways? Full story here:


* 10 New Marketing Job Titles You Should Get Used To Seeing. Content librarian, Gesture writer, Meme manager? Stop the madness, I say. We take a look at the future of digital marketing titles. Full story here:


* Why 34 minutes a day isn’t enough for your social media. Sounds like a post I might write 🙂 I think most of us know the answer to this one. Full story here:


* Everything I Learned about Brand Advocacy, Now Summarized by Taylor Swift. Andrew Eklund AGREEING with Taylor Swift on marketing strategy. What universe am I living in? What year is this? 🙂 Full story here:


* How a bank got Reddit talking about Roth IRAs. Really interesting case study here featuring a pretty regulated industry (financial services) and a pretty traditional company (Transamerica). Full story here:


Remember, we try to keep the podcasts to around 30 minutes–so you can listen during your commute, on your drive in to your job, or while you’re mowing the lawn.

Happy listening!



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