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Summer hours guilt–are you a sufferer?


It’s that time of year–yes, summer hours are officially here!

And, if you live here in Minnesota, you know how precious our summer weekends are. Especially coming off a winter where we had about 563 days BELOW ZERO!

Summer Hours

However, there’s a little problem with this whole summer hours thing.

A lot of people never take advantage.

And, it’s not because they can’t. It’s simply because they don’t.

Allow me to outline what is happening.

Company/Agency X offers summer hours to its employees. If you work four 9-hour days from M-Thurs., you only need to work til noon on Fridays.

Pretty sweet deal, right?

Then why do so few people in our industry take advantage (allegedly)?


Isn’t that it?

Isn’t it all guilt?

Guilt that clients will know you’re off a patio somewhere enjoying a beer.

Guilt that your colleague is still working and you’re not.

Guilt that your boss says “take the afternoon off” but really means “you damn well better stay til 5 with me.”

Most of us have found ourselves in this situation, right?

But why do we feel so guilty? Why do we let it get the best of us?

Especially since study after study says taking your full vacation time is valuable–both to you, personally, and to the economy. You’re doing your patriotic duty by taking your summer hours!

Since I don’t work on the corporate/agency side currently, I don’t have “summer hours.” So, I’m curious, how you feel about this? Share anonymously, if you must 🙂

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