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Social Media Trends: What’s hot for 2011?


We’re already three weeks into 2011. You’ve read all the trend posts (good compilation here). Seen the predictions from the digital, PR and marketing experts. But, do you know what’s really going to be hot in 2011 (insert cheesy Entertainment Tonight music!)?

My take on what’s “in” for 2011 and what’s sooooo 2010:

Social Bookmarking Tool

So 2010: Delicious (thanks a lot Yahoo)
In for 2011: Diigo (I switched last month–full review of my experience so far next week)

Web browser:

So 2010: Firefox (my Mom uses Firefox now; it’s officially jumped the shark)
In for 2011: Chrome (lighter, faster and new app store now)

Blog platform:

So 2010: WordPress
In for 2011: Tumblr

Third-party Twitter app:

So 2010: Tweetdeck Desktop
In for 2011: Tweetdeck extension for Chrome

Social media bible:

So 2010: Mashable
In for 2011: Mashable (as much as I think it can improve, it’s still the social media bible)

Comment management system:

So 2010: Disqus
In for 2011: LiveFyre (planning to install on my blog shortly)

Hot social media event:

So 2010: SXSW
In for 2011: BlogWell (one of my favorite social media events; more brand-focused, speedy [half-day], and real learnings from the people who are actually doing the work)

Twitter hash tag

So 2010: #fail
In for 2011: #anyoverlylongexplanatoryorironicnoteaboutyourtweet

Trendy social network

So 2010: Foursquare
In for 2011: Quora (the steam on Quora is probably bigger than it was for Foursquare at this point last year)

Photo-sharing platform

So 2010: FlickR
In for 2011: Instagram (don’t currently use, but one of the cooler apps I’ve seen in a while)

Social media style statement

So 2010: Stickers on the back of your Macbook
In for 2011: iPad case (see my post from earlier this week for ideas)

Social media celebrity:

So 2010: Ashton Kutcher
In for 2011: Conan O’Brien (I know, I know, CoCo was hot LAST year, but he’s still 1,000 times funnier than 1,000 percent of the celebs on Twitter)

Food darlings of social media:

So 2010: Pizza (Dominos, Naked Pizza)
In for 2011: Cupcakes (Foiled Cupcakes)

Social Media Book Du Jour:

So 2010: Trust Agents (great read–just posted my review)
In for 2011: Now Revolution (looking forward to reading in Feb.)

Key social buzzword:

So 2010: Engagement
In for 2011: Content strategy (it even spawned a new event–ConFab–to be held in the Twin Cities by the good folks at BrainTraffic this May)

Real-time chat forum:

So 2010: Twitter chats
In for 2011: Facebook Group chat

Adopted sport of social media geeks:

So 2010: World Cup Soccer
In for 2011: Thumb Wrestling (bold prediction)

Trendy free giveaway:

So 2010: Free iPad (so played, although I will take another if your brand is offering 😉
In for 2011: Free MacBook Air (have you SEEN the new 11-inch Airs?)

Hot market for digital talent:

So 2010: Austin (sorry Chuck Hemann)
In for 2011: Chicago



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