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Should agencies be promoting clients via their social media accounts?


There was a time a while back (probably a year or two ago) when everyone was talking about the language agencies and consultants can and should use to disclaim relationships with clients on social media platforms.

A lot of different phrases and language were bandied about. I tend to think a simple “(client)” inclusion is just fine. But, at the end of the day this is a pretty simple equation: If you work for an agency or you’re a consultant, you disclaim the relationship EVERY TIME when using social accounts. No questions. No excuses. Every time. Period.

But some agencies/consultants still aren’t heeding those guidelines–see this example of a media win one high-profile agency was promoting via its Twitter account recently (I blurred out the agency name/avatar to protect the “innocent”):


Now that we got that out of the way (no one’s arguing, right?), I also want to talk about the real question here–whether agencies and consultants SHOULD promote their clients on social media platforms.

I’m not sure the answer is as cut-and-dry as you might think.

I asked the question on Twitter yesterday and received a number of interesting responses including:

Good point, Kasey. And I agree. If sharing as a “point of pride” I see no problem with agencies sharing client results/work (in moderation).

Yes, Lauren, always disclose. And yes, it should be relevant (in other words, I don’t care about your client who manufacturers porcelian Santas in the Phillippines).

I’ve seen Rachel share client wins/projects before, and it always seems like a point of pride with her (and largely, in a “here’s what happened today” kind of way). And, a key note at the end of her tweet–it should never be included in metrics.

Now we start to get into the meat. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Why would you share client campaigns with your audience? It’s likely not the target audience.

And here’s the icing on the cake. Does this happen? I think so. Should it happen. Probably not. Our work, as consultants, should stand on its own. It shouldn’t be predicated on our personal networks, our Twitter followers or the number of Facebook fans we have.

Personally, for me, the answer to this question is a bit cloudy. As a rule, I typically don’t promote my clients on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and my blog. It just feels weird. I’ll do it once in a while–if the offer, program or milestone achieved is significant. But, for the most part, I try to stay out of it. I feel like clients pay me for my advice and ideas–not my Twitter following.

But, based on the responses I got on Twitter, I may be in the minority here. What do you think. SHOULD agencies/consultants promote their clients via their agency and personal social networks?

I’m curious to here what you have to say…




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