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No one cares about your web site refresh (hey, did I mention I just launched a new web site?!?!)


Today I’m officially unveiling a new logo, brand and web site to the world. It was time–after 12 years, I needed a refresh, and a refocus. And, thanks to partners like Patrick North (web/logo design), Kellie Weiland (photography) and Casey Fuerst (messaging), the process was a ton of fun! But, I can’t help but think: Who freaking cares?

Short answer: Maybe 5 people. And I’m one of them.

I’ve counseled my clients the same way the last few years. You have a new web site? No one really cares. After all, a refreshed web site in 2021 isn’t all that impactful. We’ve been refreshing web sites now for more than 25+ years!

You’ve got a new logo? Unless you’re Coke, McDonald’s or some other big consumer brand, no one really cares about that either.

Sure, it matters to me. It might matter to a few close friends and a select group of folks who know me. But outside of that, no one gives a rip.

However, as I’ve been thinking about my “rebranding”, it occurs to me that there are some areas where I could double-down on. And some areas I could sharpen that most certainly WOULD matter to clients and prospective clients.

  • Customized social media solutions for my clients unique needs. I don’t use “formulas”. No off-the-shelf products here. All my consulting and social media solutions are 100% customized to my clients unique needs. It’s definitely more work–but it’s the right thing to do, and it’s the best thing for my clients.
  • Keeping clients one step ahead. One thing I’ve heard consistently from clients over the years is that they love how I keep them one step ahead when it comes to social media marketing. And, even if you’re not a client, you can stay on top of social media trends and happenings by subscribing to my weekly e-newsletter.
  • Refining my ciricculum. I started teaching a social media class at the University of St Thomas in 2019. This fall, I start teaching at the University of Minnesota, too! So, I’m constantly refining the curriculum for this class–which makes me smarter. And forces me to stay on top of what’s happening in our industry–all to the benefit of my clients.
  • Helping industry professionals get smarter about social media marketing. I’ve done this in multiple ways over the years–namely through my blog, podcast and e-newsletter. But now, I’m adding yet another way for me to help you get smarter about social media marketing: regular webinars. First up: How to write social media content that gets results. The first installment will be held in September (date to be determined). Sign up to get on the list now.

So yeah, the rebranding exercise was fun for me, but I know you probably don’t care. However, you most likely DO care about one of those items above. And, if I’m doing my job right, I can help you–whether it’s in a paid capacity, or for free via this blog, the podcast, the e-newsletter or one of my upcoming webinars. And if you’re interested in that first item, drop me a note to chat (ariK@arikhanson.com)!



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