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My community…in real life


b-potomacTomorrow, I’ll be taking a jet airplane (thanks Southwest Airlines!) to meet up with what can only be described as an “all-star cast” of PR, marketing and social media rock stars at BlogPotomac in DC. 

The speaker list for this event is very impressive: Scott Monty, Shel Holtz, Liz Strauss and Geoff Livingston, to name a few. I’m looking forward to their thoughts and insights on a number of social media-related topics. But, for me, the real pay-off at BlogPotomac is the opportunity to meet up with the folks I’ve come to know so well online these last few months. For example:

David Mullen–one of the first folks I met through Twitter and now, one of my most trusted sounding boards. Feel like I’m meeting a long-lost brother in a way.

Scott Hepburn–one of two who made this trip possible with his generosity. And a hell of a guy. Looking forward to spitting coffee, beer, water and a number of other beverages across the table for two straight days (don’t worry, he’ll get that joke).

Amy Mengel–someone I’ve gotten to know pretty well the last few months and a rising star in the PR/social media space. Looking forward to hearing more about her work to start a Social Media Breakfast in the Albany area.

Shonali Burke–my certification partner in crime, I’m looking forward to talking professional development, going out on your own and life in general with this sweetheart.

Sonny Gill–the other half of the generosity train that’s making BlogPotomac possible for me. Can’t wait to talk NBA, blogging, and so much more with this social media star. We still on for a game of 21 Sonny?

Allan Schoenberg–I’ve spoken with Allan so many times now it almost feels like we’ve already met face-to-face. Looking forward to talking B2B, golf and microbrews with Allan. That is, if he can get his mind off the fact that his Red Wings are about to blow a 3-2 lead in Lord Stanley’s Cup 😉

Lisa Hoffmann–A real sweetheart (Twitter’s Sweetheart, in fact, as coined by Scott Hepburn), I’m hoping to chat work/life balance and social media with Lisa.  

Beth Harte–Not even sure where to start with Beth. Can’t wait to pick her brain on a number of topics. Well, and I’m looking forward to tipping a few “Harte of Marketing” beers back with her. Oh, and you thought I forgot about that, Beth 😉

Matt Batt–Looking forward to chatting with Matt about the challenges and benefits of starting and owning a small business and a little golf. In fact, we need to put in some serious time to planning that trip to Kohler to play Whistling Straits this fall/next spring.  

Amber Naslund–With a personality like Amber’s, how can you *not* want to meet this woman? Oh, and she’s smart as hell. I mean, I’m literally laughing out loud to myself at the prospect of what might happen when you put Amber in a room together with Beth Harte, Lisa Hoffmann and Shonali Burke. I mean, we may witness spontaneous combustion.

So, that’s what I’ll be up to Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Learning, listening, talking and building what I hope will be a number of mutually beneficial relationships that will grow and flourish for years to come. 

Can’t wait.



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