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My 40 best Instagram shots (#40BestIGPics)


As many of you know, Instagram is one of my favorite apps and social networks. I use it a lot–mostly because I take most of my kids’ pics there (I also document our trips that way now). But also because I love photography, even though I’m very much an amateur.

Since I’ve been using Instagram now for almost three years, I thought I’d take a look back at some of my favorite shots. My 40 favorite shots, in fact. I’ll be honest, I’m doing this as much for me, as I am for you 🙂

IG Amy Bridge

In the top 40 you’ll see a mix of:

* Shots of my kids (the majority, really)

* Shots of our vacations (where I take the bulk of my pics)

* Shots of beer (I like my craft beer, but I rarely drink more than two in one sitting any more, just to be clear)

* Shots of locations around Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Here goes–my 40 favorite Instagram pics. I’d love to see yours, if you’re so inclined. But, since I know 40 pics can be daunting, perhaps we start with something a bit more attainable–like #10BestIGpics.

Best IG pics1

One of our many trips to the North Shore of Minnesota.


Best IG pics2

 The camera always comes out at birthdays, and I try to capture more impromptu moments like this.


Best IG pics3

 This is one of my favorite shots of my kids in recently memory because it just captures their personalities so well (always laughing and smiling).


Best IG pics4

 This was my screensaver on my big iMac for a while. You can see why.


Best IG pics5

 I routinely document our pilgrimmage to the Minnesota State Fair each year. One of my faves from our recent trip.


Best IG pics6

 I had a phase where I’d take random shots of our house/neighborhood two summers ago. This was one of my faves.


Best IG pics7

 One of the best shots I took at the local pool we frequent in the summer months.


Best IG pics8

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful summer afternoon at Target Field (THE best stadium in all of baseball).


Best IG pics9

Used to love to take pics of flowers–and these are right outside our window.


Best IG pics10

Love me some beer pics! And, nothing says summer like Oberon, quite possibly the best beer ever made.


Best IG pics11

The views from Lake Harriet near our home in South Minneapolis are near perfect…


Best IG pics12

The first time my kids saw the ocean–great moment (and I love this shot).


Best IG pics13

Probably my favorite Pacific Ocean shot of my daughter from that San Diego trip in 2011.


Best IG pics14

OK, I stand corrected. These sundown shots are off-the-charts good…


Best IG pics15

Took a lot of shots in the summer of 2011 as I traveled by bike that summer. This was among the best.


Best IG pics16

Just love the sky in this pic–taken on the Hiawatha bridge in Minneapolis.


Best IG pics17

Somewhere…on the North Shore…


Best IG pics18

Wonderful sunset on the shores of Gull Lake, where I play golf with a group of guys each fall.

Best IG pics19

This one’s even better. Same lake. Same night.


Best IG pics20

So many pics of sunsets–but this has been one of the best sunrises I’ve captured over the last two years. While walking my kids to school.


Best IG pics21

I still remember the way the sky looked this night over my son’s soccer field. Incredible.


Best IG pics22

Mmm….donuts…with gummy worms…and Oreos…and Fruit Loops…


Best IG pics23

My daughter skating for the first time!


Best IG pics24

Lots of camping pics on file…


Best IG pics25

Hate to see my kids in pain, obviously, but this one was just too good to pass up (and, truth be told, his teeth didn’t hurt that badly–he did great!)


Best IG pics26

My brother and my son on the ice jump. Who looks terrified and who looks like they’re having fun?


Best IG pics27

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I love mid-air photos…


Best IG pics28

The iconic sign from our Seattle trip in June of 2012.


Best IG pics29

I’ve risked destroying my iPhone multiple times getting these pics.


Best IG pics30

Beer flights anyone? From my favorite micro-brewery in Minnesota (Fitgers in Duluth)


Best IG pics31

The REAL Pebble Beach (on the North Shore)!


Best IG pics32



Best IG pics33

This is why I love my son. Who would have thought of this?


Best IG pics34

The wonder of turning 5…


Best IG pics35

The best shot I took on our camping trips last summer (this one from Willow River State Park in Wisc.)


Best IG pics36

SPLASH (from the wave ride at Valleyfair!)


Best IG pics37

Great view from just outside Grand Portage on the North Shore.


Best IG pics38

I’ll always remember this photo: The day I took my daughter to her first Gopher game, and also the day I put a good friend to rest (the range of emotions that day was off the charts)


Best IG pics39

Boxhead for Halloween (I helped, but it was his idea…)


Best IG pics40

Just something about this one I love (plus, I love those little Coke bottles).






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