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Minnesota digital & social media events for November/December


CalendarOK, enough’s enough. Last night I missed a chance to meet Mark freaking Cuban because I completely forgot about a local organized meet-up called #msptweetup.

OK, yes, this is part laziness on my end. I’m definitely accountable here. But, in my defense, it’s hard to keep track of all the Minneapolis/St. Paul events around social media, digital and interactive.

I know about most of these local events, but I just hear about them too late. And, more importantly, I never get them on my Google Calendar (my lifeline). Again, that accountability thing, I know.

Bottom line: There’s no one central place to go for all these events. You have to hunt and peck all over online (or look for messages randomly on Twitter).

So, although I don’t have an ideal solution, I’m doing the next best thing and posting the events I’m familiar with for November and December.

And, I’d like to ask for your help in posting those events I may have missed. Hoping this can be a community resource for us all. Whaddya say? Deal?

If you’re game, please list out additional social/digital events for November/December below and pass this along to your communities. I’ll commit to updating a new post every other month. Or, better yet, if you have a different more efficient idea, please share and I’ll definitely help execute. I just want to help build a resource we all can use.

Twin Cities Happy Hour @(TCThurHappyHour), Nov. 19

Social Media Breakfast, Fri., Nov. 20

MinneBar, Nov. 21

Minneapolis/St. Paul WordPress User Group Meeting, Thurs, Dec. 3

LikeMind, Fri, Dec. 4

MIMA Holiday Party, Dec. 16

December MSP TweetUp?

December Tech Karaoke?

December Social Media Breakfast?

Other events in November/December?



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