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It’s all about the numbers, right? RIGHT?


All this talk about Ashton Kutcher the last few days trying to “buy” his way to a million followers (looks like he will get his wish today) on Twitter got me thinking: Isn’t he right? Isn’t it really all about the numbers?

Stay with me for a minute. 
As PR pros and marketers, it’s been beaten into our brain from day one. ROI. Results. Measures. All based on numbers. Dollar figures. Counts.

Shouldn’t we bake those same measures and counts into the mix when integrating social media tools into our marketing and communications plans?

Shouldn’t number of followers on Twitter matter? Number of RTs? Number of friends on Facebook? Number of comments on your blog? At the end of the day, as you counsel your clients, don’t you need real numbers to demonstrate results and prove that you’re moving the needle?

Or, is social media different?

Is it more about relationships–not numbers? Community–not ROI? Conversations–not sales?

In reality, it’s a combo platter. Numbers certainly matter. Whether it’s number of comments on a blog,  number of RTs on Twitter or sales tied to engagement in social networks. It’s not the end-all-be-all. But it definitely has a place. 
On the flip side, relationships, community and conversations play a big part, too. Obviously. After all, isn’t that why most of us are here? We’re either interacting with each other or helping the brands we represent interact with their customers. In the process, we’re building strong communities. Fostering relationships. And engaging in meaningful conversations every day. All to help build stronger brands.

Tell me–what do you think? Is engagement in social networks all about the numbers?



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