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Is social media really all about me?


I’ve been trying to formulate this thought for the last week or so, but I think I’ll just come right out and ask:

Is social media really all about me?
Isn’t that why we’re here? Engaging in these tools is a way for us to search for a little validation. Talk about ourselves, our projects and our content (read: blog posts). Even brag a little. Heck, the tools themselves ask for it. “What are you doing?” is the trademark Twitter phrase.
Yes, it’s an ego-driven system. But lately, I’ve noticed it’s getting a little obnoxious.
Just the little things really. People hanging on and clinging to perceived social media “rock stars” at local events. Social media groupies? Make no mistake about it, they exist. Even folks on Twitter blatantly promoting themselves, their work and their products. If I want a cold call, I have at least three salespeople interrupting my family dinner and coming to my front door every week. I don’t need to here it out here, too.
Again, my question: Is social media really all about me?
Or, is it about sharing? Is it about connecting with people you would have never had the chance to connect with before? Or is it about finding new and different ways to collaborate with folks from across the world in real-time?
I know there’s a little “me” involved in all of this. Heck, I promote my blog posts out on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all the time. But my feeling is there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. And lately, I’ve just seen way too many people/brands going about it the wrong way. And that leaves me feeling a little disappointed, to be honest.
There–I finally got that off my chest. What do you think? Is social media all about me?
Or, is it really about “us?”



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