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Introducing sponsorship opportunities for the Talking Points e-newsletter


Eight years ago, I started an e-newsletter called “The HAPPO Report.” For those who have known me for a few years, I co-founded an “organization” named HAPPO years ago–Help a PR PR Out. This e-newsletter was an outgrowth of that organization.

One year later, I decided to shift the focus of the newsletter to my business–and, more importantly, to be more focused on two things: 1) Open PR, marketing and social media opportunities in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and 2) Articles and posts designed to keep readers ahead-of-the-curve when it comes to social media marketing and PR.

What started as essentially a whim in 2011 is now a regular, weekly e-newsletter with 1,400+ subscribers. I routinely received notes from friends and colleagues telling me how valuable they find the content. For many, it’s a must-read (readers’ words, not mine).

Talking Points readers range from those just starting out in the field to senior PR and marketing leaders at Fortune 500 companies. Most readers reside in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

I share all this as preamble to this: Today, I’m starting to offer the following sponsorship opportunities via the Talking Points e-newsletter:

Sponsored Jobs

Got a job you want to share or promote with 1,400+ readers across Minnesota? Just $100 per will get your job in front of many job seekers.

Sponsored Job Seekers

Looking for a new job? I’ll profile you front-and-center in the e-newsletter, which many managers and directors at companies and agencies across the Twin Cities read regularly. Cost: $200 per issue.

Sponsored Content

Looking for a new way to share and merchandise your best content or messages? $100 an issue will give you that chance (exception: Competitors to ACH Communications need not apply–I’m not in the business of promoting my competitors!).

Interested in any of the sponsorship opportunities above? Send me a note at arik@arikhanson.com



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