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Instead of lame holiday social posts, why couldn’t brands try this?


When you think of holiday posts from brands on networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, isn’t this what we’ve come to expect?

Tempur FB

I mean, really? Stock photography AND a product sell job?

On the other hand, when I looked at my Facebook and Instagram feeds last Friday, they were FULL of creative, interesting and downright funny Halloween get-ups and wishes.

Why can’t brands pull off that same level of human-ness and creativity during the holidays?

Short answer: They can.

And, I’m going to give you/them a free idea.

It’s based on my costume idea this year: The Instagram frame!


Now, keep in mind, my wife and I aren’t the craftiest people. In fact, we’re not crafty at all. But, when it comes to Halloween, we like to have a little fun. And this year, since our kids had store-bought costumes, we decided to do the homemade thing ourselves.

So, naturally, I came up with this Instagram idea (full disclosure: this definitely wasn’t an original thought :).


It would have been REALLY fun to take to a party, but we spent a low-key night in our neighborhood with our kids and a couple friends (a few people asked me why I was dressed up as an iPhone :).

But, I got to thinking–wouldn’t this be a great idea for some aspiring brand?


Couldn’t they create their own Instagram frame, complete with their own details (note the “Hale-Page” location at the top of my frame)?

Couldn’t one of the marketing folks take this frame around the company on Halloween and grab “selfies” with employees and post those to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter wishing customers a happy Halloween?

Wouldn’t that “meta” moment be MUCH better than the stuff brands are posting now?

Free idea for 2015! Of course, by then, Instagram and the selfie may very well be passe.

But still, give it some thought brands. And, you can send me that check whenever you’d like 🙂



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