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Help me write my first book


About a week ago, I was approached by an editor with a major publishing house here in the U.S. He was commenting on my Saved By the Bell post from two weeks ago. “Great post,” he said. “Ever think about writing a book?”

Those words stopped me.

Now, I consider myself a writer. No question. First and foremost, I’ve always considered myself a writer. A thinker. But, to write a book? That’s a whole different can or worms. And something I never thought I’d even remotely have the chance to do (even with self-publishing).

The bigger question: What would I write about? Rephrase: What would I write about that would inspire even ONE person in a bookstore to pick the book off the shelf and say, “I just HAVE to read this.”

I’m still struggling to come up with the answer to that question. Which is why I’m writing this post.

I need your help.

If you’re a regular or sporadic reader of this blog, or if you’re someone that knows me personally, what topics would you like to hear about from me? Moreover, what topics do you believe I’m qualified to talk about?

There’s no shortage of book selections in the PR/marketing/social media world right now (my favorites lately have been The Now Revolution and Switch, even though it’s not technically a marketing book), which is why if I did do this, I’d want it to be something that’s unique. Different. And substantial. Something that really hasn’t been talked about or written before (at least not ad naseum). After all, there is no shortage of people who are smarter than me who can write on the exact same topics I’d most likely write about.

I have a few ideas of my own, obviously, but your input and feedback would mean a lot to me. Please share your thoughts in the comments–who knows, I may end up asking you to write the damn thing with me 😉 Or, I may just decide I don’t have enough to say.

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