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Happy holidays…Hanson style


Each year, we receive a ton of holiday cards from family and friends. We end up posting them around the house because we like them so much. It reminds us how lucky we are to have a circle of family and friends that loves us so much.

A few years ago, we were using that same tack. Creating a holiday card each year that showcased the highlights of our year. The only problem was we could only fit 5-6 pics on the card. And, we had abou 200-plus photo we wanted to use on the card. Problem, right?

So, we thought: Why not a holiday video? A new tradition was born.

We’ve been creating the “Happy Holidays…Hanson Style” video for five years now (you can find the rest here). It’s become something I look forward to the whole year because it gives me and my wife a chance to reflect and relive the entire year through the pics we’ve taken.

We also have a little fun with the music. Over the years, we’ve used music from the Jackson Five, Jose Feliciano and Bing Crosby. This year’s tune: A little Bobbie Dylan.

So, from our family to yours–happy holidays! And we hope your holiday season is wonderful and warm–wherever you are.




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