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DMs, texts, LinkedIn messages, emails: How do you keep up with daily communication from colleagues, managers and clients?


Last week was a pretty typical week in terms of how I communicate with clients and colleagues.

I wrote 25 direct messages on Facebook.

12 direct messages on LinkedIn.

21 texts.

3 direct messages on Twitter.

1 direct message on Instagram.

And way too many emails to count.

And I’m quite certain I’m on the low-end of many of those direct message counts when compared against my younger peers.

That’s a TON of platforms and tools to manage on a weekly basis when it comes to communication. And, it’s a huge challenge.

You might be saying: “Wait, why are you interacting with your clients and colleagues on all these platforms? Why don’t you just do it all on email?”

Because life doesn’t exist just on email anymore. And, because these other platforms give me a better way to communicate with some of my colleagues and clients.

Let me give you a few examples:

1 — Client A typically emails me as part of our work arrangement. We trade emails daily on approvals and strategy. But, during events and on occasion, Client A will text me–and, of course, I will text her back. No big deal–the texts don’t happen that often. But, I know to look for them if and when they come in.

2–I typically communicate with Business Partner B via Facebook direct message. Mostly because our work together is not this person’s primary job, and I’m guessing she wants to keep “day job” stuff separate from side hustle stuff. So, we use Facebook. Usually a handful of DMs per week.

3–I send prospective client C direct messages on LinkedIn on a semi-regular basis. Sometimes just to touch base. Sometimes to invite this person to a local event I’m running. Sometimes to send this person an article I found helpful. But always on LinkedIn messaging since I’m sure the prospective client doesn’t want to give out her email.

I say all this really just to acknowledge it and share how tough this is in today’s modern communications climate. Basic communication with people is harder than you think in 2017–I manage a minimum of five channels just to do it each day (and I’m not even on Slack, which is a huge channel for many others).

The struggle is real, folks. I don’t have any magic solutions. Really just writing to share today. Help me by sharing with me–how do you manage this mess on a weekly basis?



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