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Crowdsourcing my wedding anniversary trip: Will you help?


This May, it will be our 10th wedding anniversary. My wife and I want to commemorate the occasion with a trip to the Left Coast. Specifically, San Francisco and wine country.

Now, we could do this the traditional way and research the trip using tools like Lonely Planet, Orbitz, Hotels.com and other online resources. However, I’m not traditional. Never have been. So, I’d like to ask for your help in researching and planning my 10th wedding anniversary trip. After all, I trust you much more than the hippies on Lonely Planet (just kidding–I love Lonely Planet. I needed a joke here!)

Here’s specifically what I’d like your help with:

* Lodging ideas for San Francisco and Sonoma. We typically like to stay in fairly nice places, but not over-the-top-type venues.

* Sites to see and things to do in San Francisco. Keep in mind, my wife and I aren’t your typical tourists. We like to wander off the beaten trail and take part in unique experiences (e.g., we hiked a dormant volcano for a day in St. Kitts five years ago).

* Must-hit restaurants in San Francisco. Again, we don’t go for the typical haunts–we enjoy the digs most locals would hit.

* Wineries and other activities in Sonoma. I know there are a bunch, but what are the best? Again, we’d probably go for the more quaint and low-key wineries.

Would love your help. For privacy reasons, we’re not going to disclose the dates of our trip, but we are going sometime in May. Look forward to your ideas and help!



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