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Can great leaders be followers, too?


Something’s stuck in my craw these past couple weeks. It’s something I’ve noticed for a long time and I’m just to the point where I need to rant about it.

It all stems from something I’ve noticed at a number of events over the last year or so. This growing (in my opinion) trend where speakers at an event come in, do their thing, and ditch the event.

You know what I’m talking about.

These people who are too smart to think they couldn’t learn a thing or two from anyone else at an event or conference.

These people who are way too busy to sit in an audience and listen to someone else talk about their area of passion or expertise (God forbid anyone else steal the spotlight).

These people who are basically saying, “I’m smart and I have no need to be here other than the fact that I want to tell you how smart I am.”

Well, I’m fed up. I’ve had enough.

Now, let me be clear: This certainly isn’t an across-the-board opinion. Some folks have other commitments after a speaking engagement with families and busy schedules and all. I get it. Me, too. In fact, we’re probably talking about a smaller group of speakers than the larger group who does care, wants to make new connections and sits in on other presentations.

But funny, this trend seems to carry over to the online world, too. These speakers typically have blogs, too. Do we see them commenting and sharing other people’s posts? Not as a rule (with notable exceptions like Jason Falls and Todd Defren).

I’m not sure this post is going to do any good. But, therapeutically, I needed to get this off my chest.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel any better.

But, the question I keep asking myself is this: Can great leaders be followers, too? What do you think?

Note: Photo courtesy of djfoobarnatt via FlickR Creative Commons



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