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A video recap of BlogWorld 2009


BlogWorldWe’ve already seen a number of recaps of BlogWorld the last few days. My faves include my friend and colleague Tony Saucier (he actually live blogged throughout the event), Aaron Strout’s (including the Quick N Dirty podcast) and George Smith’s. So, I thought I’d take a little different approach (well, similar to Tony’s actually) and summarize my experience via video (bear with me, most of it is a little shaky). More to the point, video interviews with some folks I enjoyed meeting, speakers I found interesting and experiences worth noting.

Two people I enjoyed meeting face-to-face (finally) were Al Krueger and Sara Meaney of Comet Branding. I’ve known both for a while online, but just have never had the chance to connect in real life. We quickly rectified that issue and spent some time together at BlogWorld. Here, we discuss Al and Sara’s initial reactions to the event and their regular (and successful) podcast, the Comet Branding Podcast:

During my time in Vegas, I had the privilege to introduce a number of presenters at BlogWorld. One in particular I enjoyed was Jennifer Leggio. You may know her as @mediaphyter on Twitter. In this conversation, Jennifer and I discuss how organizations can deal with cybersquatting, how they can develop effective social media policies and how to best conduct security training for staff.

On the final day of the event, I had the opportunity to drive a few Ford automobiles. You see, I’ve heard Scott Monty’s presentation a few times now (and love his Bill Cosby impression every time). And, the more I hear it, the more I want to drive a Ford, to be honest. This brief clip was taken right after I took the Ford Fusion for a nice cruise around Las Vegas.

Finally, I also moderated two outstanding panels–both based on case studies and folks who are using social media effectively to build brand and drive results. Two of those folks, Natasha Westcoat and Pierre Martell, were a part of our panel dubbed “Small Business. Big Impact.”

In this conversation, Natasha and I discuss how she’s using video and livecasting to sell her art and enrich relationships with her customers.

Finally, in this conversation, Pierre and I talk about how his company is taking a different approach to the home building experience through a number of social platforms including one new–and very interesting–strategy named “Where’s my contractor?”



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