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A love letter to the Minneapolis Star Tribune


I know I’m a dinosaur. I’m one of the few every day hard copy subscribers of a newspaper in America. Specifically, we subscribe to the Minneapolis Star Tribune–one of just 103,000 people to do just that (probably less, I couldn’t find the exact number of 7-day-a-week subscribers).

To be clear, this is not a cheap proposition. The year-long subscription costs us roughly $550. But, it’s completely worth it as the paper has come to mean so much more to my wife and I. What am I talking about?

First, the hard copy is so much better than the digital version–at least for us. There’s just something about reading a hard copy item each day. I read and review so much content on my phone and laptop each day. The paper is usually the ONE THING I read that’s not on a computer screen. I don’t minimize that.

Second, reading the paper is a big part of our morning routine. In fact, it’s the primary focus. We wake up, I usually walk the dog, my wife makes coffee, and we eat breakfast at our table while reading the paper. It’s a wonderful start to the day. We’re learning about our community and world events. We’re reading. And we’re sharing that time together.

Related, on Sundays, since there’s more to read, that time is extended. And it’s spent either on our couch or on the porch in the summer. Sunday mornings are almost sacred because of this. I’ve come to really look forward to that quiet Sunday morning time reading the paper and sipping coffee on the couch or porch.

Third, reading the paper is kind of like an adventure. You just never know what you’re going to read about or learn. Unlike TV news, I’m in charge of what I read about. And unlike the digital version, I feel like I roam around more and discover things I would never find on startribune.com (nav and web experience is not one of media’s strengths!).

Finally, our kids see us reading the paper each morning. I don’t have any scientific studies to back this up, but I believe that will lead to them either being 1) More active readers when they’re older, and/or 2) More informed citizens. I guess time will tell, but my parents always read the paper and now I fall into both those buckets (and was neither as a kid).

So yeah, the paper is a big part of our life. And I want to thank some specific journalists for that. These are the people I read religiously–not just once in a while. Every time they put words in print.

Myron Medcalf – Myron’s been a must-read for me since he started as a columnist. He’s constantly reminding me there are different views of the same world. And, I appreciate his (usually) empathetic views in a sea of sharpness.

Neal Justin – His Sunday “TV Critics Picks” is another must-read for me. I use this spot as one of my sources of intel on new shows to watch. And often he’s right on the money.

Laura Yuen – Another Sunday columnist I read religiously. She covers a wide range of topics, but I always appreciate her angle. Most recently she talked about the Quiet Quitting trend and some different viewpoints I hadn’t considered.

The Food team – I was and am a huge Rick Nelson fan, but he’s largely not talking about food anymore. But I’m quickly warming up to the “new” team of Sharyn Jackson, Joy Summers, and Jon Cheng. Monday’s “What we at last week” bit is one of my faves.

And a huge thank you to EVERYONE at the Star Tribune that makes the newspaper possible each day. We need it today more than ever!



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