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9 social media trends for 2022


I’ve been giving this social media trends presentation now for I believe 5 years. I used to give it at Social Media Breakfast–you know, back when we saw people, had coffee together and shook hands! But sadly, the pandemic is still with us. So, this year, like last, I chose to present virtually.

Yesterday, I gave this presentation to a group of 50+ communicators and marketers across the country. I’m posting it here today in hopes it helps spark creativity for you and your team in 2022. See the full webinar below, or the slide deck, in case you don’t have the hour.

Finally, a couple caveats as you review the presentation below. First, I am not a trend expert. BUT–I do read a lot each week. I have to–for this blog, for our podcast, for my enewsletter, for class. And I love keeping my finger on the pulse of what’s going on in our industry.

Second, my trend presentations usually tend to lean a bit more pragmatic than some. The trends I talk about are things I believe will impact a lot of people. If you’re looking for bright shiny objects, this is NOT your presentation.

With that, here’s 9 social media trends I believe you’ll see in the year ahead.



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