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8 things I wish more people knew about me


Last week I read a post by Amber Naslund titled “What I wish more people knew about me.” After reading the post, I tweeted the following:

The reasons I read Amber’s blog (and her former blog) might be a bit different from others. I read Amber for two reasons: 1) I love her writing style, and 2) I love the personal posts. To me, that’s a big part of blogging. Reading other bloggers and picking up on their style and voice. And, getting to know other bloggers through their writing.

So, when Amber (and friend Jennifer Schmitt) asked me to pen a post talking about the same topic, how could I refuse?

Here are 8 things I wish more people knew about me:

* I used to play golf. A lot of golf. I played in the Minnesota State High School League tournament in 1990. It was probably my crowning achievement as an “athlete” (I also played basketball). I went on to compete at Winona State and we went to the National NAIA Tournament in 1991. I also worked at a golf course for the better part of 10 years from my mid-teens to my early 20s. I’ve spent my fair share of time on the golf course. Then I had two kids. Now, I play less than 5 times a year. Priorities change. Right now, golf’s not on the radar. I hope that changes down the line. But right now, it’s just not in the cards.

* My life is my family. See #1 above. My life now centers around my family and my two kids. My son is six and my daughter is three. We spend a lot of time outdoors (they love camping, the pool and bicycling). We spend a lot of time doing things around town (Farmer’s Markets, going to breakfast on the weekends at our favorite spot–Bryant Lake Bowl and hitting the Zoo and Science Museum). And we spend a lot of time just hanging out at home.

* I’m a huge wannabe photographer. My new addiction to Instagram aside, I’ve always had a fascination with photography. I just haven’t had the time to explore it. I hope to one day find that time.

* I will live in the following locales someday: Seattle, San Francisco and St. John/USVI. One of my larger regrets in life is not moving around the country/world when I had the chance before I got married and had kids. My wife and I both love St. John (we’ve been there three times) and San Francisco. And, we hope to live in some different spots later in our life. Right now, we love Minneapolis. But, I see different homes in our future.

* I would love to own a boat. Can’t really explain this one. All I can say is everytime I’m on a boat, I feel at home.

* I recently re-discovered bicycling. Through work with a client (Bike Walk Twin Cities), I’ve rediscovered bicycling. I try to commute by bike at least twice a week. It’s been eye-opening. I wouldn’t consider myself an all-out bike geek quite yet, but I’ve really enjoyed seeing the city from a bicycle. And, as a side benefit I’ve discovered a number of new places and hangouts around town.

* I wore red painter’s pants in high school. Using this horrific example to illustrate a point: I have pretty diverse tastes.. Let’s take music. I listen to everything from Public Enemy (old school) to Sugar Ray to Christoper Cross to the Zac Brown Band. Or, what about clothing? I long since ditched the red painter’s pants. These days, I have a wide selection of sports jackets and suits–but I also own 9 different pair of PUMAs I wear regularly (see my Bad Ass Shoes blog for more). Whatever the topic or item, I’m usually all over the board. I think that comes from my fear of being stereotyped or pegged as a certain “type” of person. You can’t peg me. You can’t put me in a box. I’m just not that easy.

* I’m also a wannabe musician. Another interest I’d like to pursue at some point in my life. I have a great acoustic guitar that I never have the time to play. My son also seems to have a great interest in music, so I’m thinking this might be something we try out together down the road here.

Those are 8 things about me most folks don’t know. What about you? Share a post of your own later this week? Or, just one or two nuggets in the comments?



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