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8 social media trends to watch for the rest of 2019


Yesterday, I presented at what is becoming an annual event for Minnesota PRSA–it’s digital storytelling workshop. It was chock full of insights from some of the smartest people in our industry–from Scott Severson at Brandpoint to Bridget Jewell at Periscope to Erin MacMillian with General Mills.

My topic: Social media trends. Specifically, I talked about eight social media trends you should be paying attention to for the rest of 2019.

And, unlike other trend posts, I tried to put a little context and meaning behind my predictions. For starters, I tried to back every trend up with facts and stats from across the web. Second, I used a variety of examples–case studies of brands bringing the trend to life. And finally, I tried to offer up some pragmatic advice–i.e., here’s what this trend means for you and here’s what I think you should be doing as a result.

If you have 10 minutes, take a spin through the deck below and let me know what you might add to my trend list!



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