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8 killer iPad cases sure to impress your colleagues (and clients)


I finally got around to purchasing my first iPad. Bought it over the holiday break. I spent hours researching and poring over the best apps to download. But, you know what was an even tougher decision? Figuring out which case to buy. Turns out, iPad accessories is a burgeoning cottage industry. I know, big surprise, right?

So, since I scanned the Web for virtually every possible iPad case, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorites. But not just any favorites. These are 8 cases sure to impress your colleagues–and better yet, your clients. After all, your iPad case offers a pretty big statement about your sense of style, doesn’t it? I’ve already heard numerous comments from my clients on my Dodo Case. And, I may be picking up one or two of the cases below in the not so distant future just because.

Etch-A-Sketch (HeadCase) – For your inner geek (or your inner child–maybe both). HeadCase makes similar cases for your iPhone or iTouch as well. Imagine dropping this case on the table in your next client meeting. Yeah, the coolest kid in the meeting? That’d be you.

DodoCase – The case I purchased, and the case of choice among more “scholarly” iPad users. Feels and looks like a book and has a Moleskin feel. This is a case that’s elegant, yet professional.

Vintage comic book cover (Etsy) – For those Marvel Comic book fans. Not my cup of tea, but it definitely caught my eye when I was browsing.

Colcasac – For the environmentally-aware PR professional. Comes in a variety of designs. This particular design was my favorite (gotta keep your iPad warm, after all, right?).

The Muzetto (Waterfield Designs) – One of the classier cases, but also one of the more expensive at $199 for the 10-inch case. The good news? If you like the iPad case, you can buy a matching one for your Macbook. I’m actually giving serious thought to getting one of the larger bags and hauling around my MacBook AND iPad in one of these bad boys.

Byrd & Belle sleeve – Simple. Elegant. And fuzzy. What’s not to like? Also a Minnesota-based company (and one of the few case companies to blog).

Cocoon messenger case – OK, so this one’s for the PR pro on the go, but with the solo consultant field growing seemingly by they day, I think this might have appeal.

Bonus: I sure hope they make this killer Lego case for iPad soon. Trust me, I’m not above having multiple iPad cases 😉



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