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7 online resources for the Minnesota PR/social job seeker


Each week, I put together and distribute The Talking Points e-newsletter (sign up here). It’s full of stories and articles designed to help people like YOU do your job’s just a little bit better. And, it’s also full of jobs I think would be interesting to readers.

My process for identifying and curating those jobs isn’t all that complex, or difficult, for that matter. But, there is a process behind it–and resources I use on a consistent basis. And, since many of you will most likely be searching for a job in the next 2-3 years (stats prove it out, folks!), I thought I would share those resources today and how I use them. It total, I use seven different online resources when finding those job posting each week:

MN PR Blog

The longest-running PR blog in Minnesota–and, truth be told, one of the longest-running PR blogs in the entire country. Kudos to Ryan May for creating this resource so many of us use on a weekly basis. I don’t pull every job from this blog, but I definitely check it each week.


University of St. Thomas Job Board

More focused on internships and beginner-level positions, but definitely a resource I look at each week. Tends to include more positions at mid-sized orgs, media enterprises and non-profits, but still worth checking. In particular, I look under “Communications-Public Relations”, “Advertising” and “Marketing and Brand/Product Management”.


MN PRSA Career Center

Typically doesn’t have a ton of listings, and they do tend to overlap with the MN PR Blog, but worth a quick glance each week.


LinkedIn Jobs

As you’ll see, I use LinkedIn in a dual-purpose when searching for jobs. In this case, I’m clicking on the “jobs” tab at the top of the page. Then, I’m typically searching for “public relations” and “social media” positions in Minneapolis. Over the last couple years, that typically brings up a decent amount of jobs each week. You’d be surprised.


LinkedIn feed

The other way I use LinkedIn is to peruse my feed 2-3 times per day for people posting about local jobs here in Minneapolis/St. Paul. This usually yields 2-3 jobs a week–these are positions my friends, colleagues, clients and former clients are posting. And, these are typically the kinds of jobs that aren’t posted to some of the other resources listed here. I usually click through to the jobs and bookmark the sites (using Feedly and my friendly Feedly bookmarklet) for reference later.



This site was one of my biggest sources of jobs up until a few months ago when they redesigned the site. Now, it seems a little tougher to uncover jobs the way I did before. Regardless, a great site to visit weekly.


Minneapolis Egoist

More focused on ad-related jobs, but I still check it each week.




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