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6 small businesses using Facebook more creatively than many big businesses


Facebook marketing case studies. They’re a dime a dozen across the web these days.

So, why am I writing *another* one and adding to the noise?

Many of the case study posts I’ve seen focus on midsized or larger businesses–in other words, businesses with marketing teams and bigger marketing budgets (read: more resources).

What about the smaller guys? The smaller businesses who have to be much more frugal and efficient with their resources?

We don’t see as many case studies around those brands. So, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite–including a few that came to me as suggestions. Enjoy.


Trunk Club

Trunk Club creates content specifically designed to spur engagement.

Trunk Club Engagement


Trunk Club profiles and highlights its members routinely–simple, but effective.

Trunk Club Members


Sometimes, content that just speaks to your target audience works. Case in point.

Trunk Club Questions


Trunk Club creates simple, short headlines that let the visual tell the story.

Trunk Club Simple


Trunk Club shares useful content that’s relevant to fans (I particularly found this helpful–and yes, I am a Trunk Club fan/customer, so I do fall in their target audience).

Trunk Club Useful


The Woods Coffee

The Woods Coffee highlights its fans regularly through user-generated content–this is tougher to do than you might think (getting the user-generated content, that is).

Woods Coffee fans


When it doubt, feature cute kids on your Facebook page 🙂

Woods Coffee Kids


The Woods Coffee creates arresting, but simple, visuals.

Woods Coffee Visual



Kendra Scott Jewelry

Kendra Scott drives fans to shop in many posts (including a simple, but strong “Shop” call to action in almost every post). Sometimes it’s the simple things, right?

KS shop


Kendra Scott is taking advantage of media opportunities to capture influencers wearing their jewelry.

KS Media opps


Kendra Scott regularly attempts to drive people to its blog (and uses a specific logo/type treatment within each post that points to the blog).

KS blog


Kendra Scott is using Instagram video to help tell its story (Kendra Scott Jewelry has a whopping 31,000-plus followers on Instagram!). A great way for a small business to add more depth to its story.

KS IG video





Riffraff drives online exclusives for customers through Facebook–and always with a link to its e-commerce site.

Riffraff Exclusive


Instead of using Facebook tabs (which typically require programming and a bit more work), Riffraff  gets creative with Facebook giveaways through visuals like this that drive loyalty and social infrastructure.

Riffraff Giveaway


Riffraff creates a sense of urgency (“TODAY ONLY!”) using strong calls to action (again, always with a link to its e-commerce site).

Riffraff Urgency




Primp responds to virtually EVERY comment on its Facebook page–following through on its promise of exceptional customer service.

Primp Comm Mgmt


Primp highlights its company culture on its Facebook page—especially ways it gives back to the community, which can help create an emotional connection with some customers.

Primp Giving Back


Primp does a great job of showcasing their products in a useful–and visual–way for shoppers on Facebook (including listing out all the items in the shot and prices).

Primp Product



Burger Revolution

Burger Revolution provides regular updates on how many burgers are left each day (apparently, they go fast!). A great way to not only create urgency, but also to showcase its burgers.

BR burger update


Burger Revolution highlights its fans and customers regularly via “Comment of the Day” posts–usually by simply capturing a photo of the comment.

BR Comment



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