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5 content lessons from Axios’ local e-newsletters


In case you haven’t heard, Axios is taking over the world.

OK, not really. But, their local e-newsletters are infiltrating markets like MSP and changing the media landscape. As in, their e-newsletters are really freaking good.

The local MSP version is one of the few I read every single day. For me, it’s a super easy way to stay on top of the biggest local news in about 5 minutes. Perfect. Easy. Scannable. Fast.

Just what a busy social media marketer needs.

Speaking of social media marketing, I think there are a few lessons we can all learn from Axios when it comes to digital content. Here’s what I think we can learn from their fantastic local e-newsletters when it comes to digital content:

1 – Give me the TLDR right at the top

By now, we all know: People are lazy. And busy. So, they need information FAST and EASY. With each issue, Axios gives us a quick snippet right at the top. Weather and usually a quick “situational awareness” item. And, they always tell you how long it will take you to read–smart.

2 – Subject lines that draw you in

Look what Axios does with its headlines. Notice how they draw you in. And, how they play with inserting two ideas in each headline and break them up with the em dash (although they do get cut off in my Outlook pane).

3 – Super-short bullets (1-2 sentences at most)

I read a lot of e-newsletters each week. And one thing many miss is copy that’s far too long. What makes Axios’ newsletter so great is that it’s full of bullets–but, more importantly, those bullets are never longer than 2 sentences. Most are just one sentence! This is a very purposeful and brilliant move. Most people’s eyes glaze over with longer copy blocks online. These one-sentence bullets with links is simple–yet super smart.

4 – The power of curation

Each issue contains a “Catch-Up Quick” section at the bottom. The idea? Curate the 4-5 news stories they didn’t capture above that people need to know very quickly. Yet more proof of the power of curation. And something brands could do very easily to provide value for customers and prospects.


5 – Sure, sell me, but make it subtle (and useful)

Every issue also includes advertising. But, you better be paying attention or you might miss it! The “ads” are embedded right in the content–in fact, they almost seem like news items. This is a model brands can adopt. Instead of focusing on the selling first, build trust through curation and education. Then sell–but do it in subtle and almost educational ways.



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