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4 traits of today’s blogger and what it means for your brand


Today’s blogger is a special breed. They typically have a lot on their plates–day jobs, families, hobbies, travel. But, somehow they find time to blog regularly.

But, what makes them tick? That all depends. Everyone is different. But, there are a few common traits most bloggers possess. Why is this important? Because getting at the root of what makes bloggers tick is crucial to your outreach. Let’s take a look at four common blogger traits and what they mean for our blogger outreach strategies:

Most bloggers have major restraints on their time. Think about your average blogger for a moment–and I’m not talking about Robert Scoble or Pete Cashmore. Most bloggers have day jobs–they don’t necessarily get paid to blog. Some have families. Others have hobbies. The point is, there are many demands on their time and blogging may often fall near the bottom of the list. But, they find ways to make time. Be sensitive to bloggers’ time. Make it easy for them to interact with you and your clients. They don’t need more demands on their time.

Most bloggers are extremely passionate about the topic(s) they blog about. A couple years ago when I interviewed David Mullen for my PR Rock Stars series he told me he frequently blogged between 12-2 a.m. each night. It was the only time he had during the day. Now that, my friends, is passion. And, most successful bloggers have it. Find out what the bloggers you’re targeting are passionate about and do what you can to connect your client’s products or services to that passion.

Most bloggers are community-driven. My friend and fellow Minnesota blogger, Melissa Berggren is a great example of someone who exhibits this particular trait. She is always looking for new ways to build community and repoire with her fellow bloggers. Just this week, she proposed a challenge to her blogging friends–write a post about what you’re passionate about and she’ll link to them all from her blog. Simple idea–but a great way to build community and camaraderie online. What does this mean for brands? It’s important to note that many bloggers see their fellow bloggers more as colleagues than competitors. So, when approaching a particular blogger, think about what might inspire not only the blogger you’re pitching but their community, too. Think about the bigger picture–and give them ways to include their fellow bloggers.

Most bloggers are classic over-achievers. This one’s just a hunch, but I would argue most bloggers are classic over-achievers. They’re usually the type of people who consistently go above-and-beyond in their day jobs. And, they’re chronic work-a-holics. Think about Danny Brown for a moment. The guy’s a prolific blogger. He’s involved with his community. He heads up 12for12k. I mean, talk about juggling a lot of balls. So, when you’re pitching people like Danny, keep in mind they may not get back to you right away. They’re very busy people (aren’t we all?). You’re pitch is most likely not at the top of their to-do list. But, at the same time, since they are hard workers and over-achievers they usually feel a responsibility to get back to most–if not all–folks who approach them (Danny’s a perfect example here). Patience and consistency are they key when approaching bloggers. Be respectful of their time, but know that they have very busy lives and usually want to respond.

What would you add to the list? Any other common traits most bloggers exhibit? And, what do those traits mean for PR folks who are working with them?



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